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This is WJA-TV

South Bend's newest television company will close its first season in April by going out of business.

The firm which operates WJA-TV is made up of teenagers in the Junior Achievement program, and they produce a lively, entertainling and youth-oriented show each Saturday afternoon from the studios of WNDU-TV, the Notre Dame Station.

The company, like all JA activities, operates only during the school year and disbands in the spring.

The Saturday Show, which is aired from 5 to 5:30 p.m., is entitled "Club 6 Teen." It's written and produced by the 21 members of the JA company with the aid of five adult advisers. The show offers a variety of talent, panel discussion, interviews, announcements and news.

WJA-TV Picture 1
CLUB 6 TEEN ANNOUNCER REHEARSES-Connie Crawford of Central High School rehearses a commercial for the Junior achievement company. WJA-TV, as advisor William King of WNDU stands by.

WJA-TV Picture 2
SPECIAL EVENTS- One segment of "Club 6 Teen" is devoted to announcements of special events. Here Pamela Stone of Riley High School and Thomas Bodnar of St. Joseph's High School promote a club carnival.

WJA-TV Picture 3
Pat Bauer of St. Joseph's, left, and Elaine Tomber of John Adams High School, right, program host and hostess, interview guest Shelly Ackerman of Central.

WJA-TV Picture 4
Among those taking part in the operations of WJA-TV are, from left, Paula Dosmann, sales manager, Adams; Mary Lee Hamilton, continuity director, St. Joseph's; David Manuszak, assistant sales manager, St. Joseph's; Robert Buck, company president, Adams, and Paul Walton, adviser from WNDU.