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Volume XII Number Fifteen March 13, 1979
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(I'm not even sure I want to type this...) we did about 15 minutes of material and we left the studio around 12:30!
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Well, we didn't do anywhere near 15 minutes and my stomach told me we left the studio sometime after 2... where does the problem lay? I think we may have the answer this week, and if we want to get ahead, it might be wise to listen.

We did two bits last Saturday, both of which were very funny. One of them took somewhere beyond three and a half to four hours to produce while the other one was blocked and taped in half and hour. Wait, because I'm not going to simplify this as much as you may think...

Part of the reason that Marc's bit (Cheap Video Cassettes) took so long was because it was technically difficult... now, I may be wrong about this but it seems to me it only took us a few run throughs to work all of the switching upstairs... What took us so long was an appalling lack of communication with the floor. Marc would call for a take and a standby... thirty seconds later when we fade up the video and open the mics, the actors wouldn't be in their places, people off the set would be talking, etc.. All I'm going to say is, we taught you people to understand what "standby" means last fall, and if your not sure when it means, look at up in your manual.

Now, Mary's bit.... this one's full of little lessons too . I left the studio to edit film when Mary started to block the bit, but when I walked upstairs thirty minutes later, I never thought I'd see a final take being taped. What was the difference between how the two bits were completed? From the directing side, none. Mary and Marc prepared each bit equally. What then, seems to hold up the first bits of the day? Here's an old saying on the subject, and I think is worth thinking about.
"A job that takes a week to complete can usually be completed it in a day if that's all the time your given."

I'm sure some of you have heard that same thought expressed in a different way, but a teacher I had in grade school used to say exactly that way. It has a lot to say about our time problems on Saturday morning, and I hope you all think about it.

Now that the weather is finally getting nice will start filming once again. First on the list is our second crack at the International spelling bee. Second will fill one of Dan Lakin's ideas a bit about mime hunting. Should be interesting.
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Those of you at the session Saturday got to see some of it transferred in rough cut form and if think we can all agree it's looking great. The final cutting will begin this week and will start soundtracking it a couple of weeks from now.
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If you're not doing anything at 10:30 on Thursday nights, check out Image Union on Channel 11. It's a collection of films by Chicago film makers and videotapes by the same. It's very interesting and well worth the sleep you lose.
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From all reports, everything went very smoothly. Thanks to everyone who helped set up the booth and to those who helped man it (or woman it...whatever).