JA History Circa 1984


Horace A. Moses was the founder and honorary president of Junior Achievement. A prominent paper manufacturer during the early twentieth century, he was interested in educating young men and women about America's business world through experimental projects. In 1919, Moses offi­cially established Junior Achievement in Springfield, Mas­sachusetts . . . and the program quickly spread throughout the United States.

Today, any high school senior may be a "Junior Achiever" . . . learning through experience how modern business theories work. Overseen by teachers and professionals from the community, each chapter decides on a product which might be profitable to sell. Then an actual corporation - run solely by students - is formed . . .and shares of stock in the corporation are sold to the student employees for a dollar apiece. The new corporation markets and produces its product, incorporating proper business practices to maximize profits as the students work and pay themselves. At the end of the school year, when the products have all been sold, the corporation is dissolved. The profits from the sale of the corporation's product are distributed among the stockholders, rewarding each student for his individual effort. In honor of Horace Moses - who cared so much about America's youth and the nation's economic future that he established Junior Achievement - the United States Postal Service issued the stamp featured on this First Day Cover.