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1969 season / Premiere February 15th / last show May 24th / time period 6 PM / color

Hosts: Dave Weiler, Tom Labuzienski, and Julie Carlin
Opening theme: "Music To Lead Cavalry Charges By"
Closing theme: "Decline" from "Progress Suite" by Chad and Jeremy

PROGRAM #1: "Our Favorite Things" TV commercial parodies including Minnesota Fats cigarettes, McCootie's Toothpaste, Prune Pith laxative, and "Teaberry Shuffle"; documentary on TPing houses: animated film parable "Skid" using human animation technique; movie film preview parody "Guts and/or Glory."

PROGRAM #2: "Our Favorite Things" including Salem smuggler, Scoop Mouthwash, Ivy Liquid and Cool Power detergent; movie film preview "Wagon Wheels, War paint and Horsees;" Doug Hoffman performs "Blackbird;" filmed sight gags on the subject of "Sleep;" and a parody of TV weather shows featuring Florence the Weather Woman in her "Weather Balloon."

PROGRAM #3: Hard-sell TV commercial parody for "Squash-O-Matic;" Doug Hoffman performs "The Great Mandella;" blackouts and music for "A Paean to Pollution;" experimental animated film "The Electric Rag;" and commentary on TV violence using film clips and the Beatles "Happiness Is A Warm Gun."

PROGRAM #4: "Our Favorite Things" including Swill Cream, Spit and Status and Herbyton Cigarettes; commentary on men's hair length; TV dance party as it might be presented in the Soviet Union, "Communist Bandstand," sponsored by Kremlin Cola, Iron Curtain Cleaners (with one month Stalinizing), Commie-Sil for bourgeoisie zits and Misha Mist Instant Babushka; rock group Captain Electric performs "Satisfaction."

PROGRAM #5: Return of Captain Electric performing portion of rock Symphony based on themes from Beethoven's ninth; small town beauty contest "The Miss Nifty Pageant; experimental stop motion animated film set to Bach's Two Part Inventions performed on the Moog Synthesizer.

PROGRAM #6: "25 Raunchy Records" parody of TV commercial; the Clean Family performs "The Sound of Music" (courtesy of Bonzo Dog Band); parody of obscure underground movie "Flaming Critters" with a contest to uncover hidden symbolism; first episode of "Dramatic Hospital" TV soap opera parody.

PROGRAM #7: Return of Sam's Bargain Furniture Warehouse pitchman with fire sale of TV commercials; tilted set and trick photography used for "The First Date" skit; return of Aunt Sally in an updated TV show "Uncle Sally's Psyche-Out," sponsored by Fab Flakes, "the only cereal which meets all the daily requirements as set forth by the Berkeley Free Press."

PROGRAM #8: Lip-sync reprise of rock oldie "Gone" with filmed story; second episode of "Dramatic Hospital"; filmed comedy sketch showing "Perfect Day;" "Championship Wrassling" parody, featuring a match between Farmer Don Cowboy and a boa constrictor, and a tag team match between the Brothers Grim and Bruce and Gunther Devine.

PROGRAM #9: "Beer Set" TV commercial parody; scenes from "West Side Story" featuring the company's resident ballet corps; parody of "Joy of Life" TV commercials; performance by the Amusement Company rock group; repeat performance of "The Electric Rag."

PROGRAM #10: Encore of "The Mating Game" (repeat); parody of TV show "The American Sportsman" with Jonathan Freed fishing for the pin-striped Edmund-Muskie (with dynamite) and Tab Troy hunting for the African red ant; encore of the parable "Skid" (repeat); film clips of violence with "What The World Needs Now Is Love" accompaniment.

PROGRAM #11: Lip-sync rock oldie "The Last Kiss" with filmed story; blackouts on the subject of student protest; parody of silent movie serials with Chapter 741 of "The Danger of the Hazardous Peril "starring Rex, the wonder dog.

PROGRAM #12: Program devoted entirely to Rhee Productions' "Tarzan's Rum Village Adventure." A mercenary, but none-too-bright, Lord of the Baboons guides a motley safari to the fabled elephants' graveyard, encountering the African Queen, her tribe and their dreaded Jujube Split torture.

Highlights of the 1969 season.