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The BOC Gold Hugo DVD

Watch the trailer (2.8Mb requires QuickTime plug-in)
Hugo DVD
As presented at the 1976 Chicago International Film Festival, this one hour DVD is the complete progam that won the Gold Hugo. Beyond Our Control was entered in the professional category, competing with series and specials produced by major networks and local stations throughout the country. This one hour DVD contains the best bits of the seasons '72 through '75.

Commentary by:
Penny Cole, Erik Møllberg,
Liza Moon, Diane Werts, Corrie Wynns,
Rick Xaver, Jon Yazell, Kate Doherty-Murphy,
Bob Medich, Chuck Mueller, Dave Sutton,
and Marc Wellin

Interviews with:
Dave Bashover, Larry Karaszewski,
and Dan Waters

DVD Extras:
62 behind the the scenes slides

1. Dave William's Introduction
2. Kinestasis
3. Night of the Pooh
4. April Euphemism
5. The Time Machine
6. Emissary
7. Institute for Soundproof Doors
8. The Morning News
9. TV Guiding
10. Lawrence Seaway Record Ad
11. Mr. Bass Man
12. Big Squid Supermarket Commercial
13. The Donna Rea Show
14. Bad Commercials
15. Intermission
16. Tittle Tattle
17. The Early Evening News
18. Bimbo
19. April Euphemism Warning
20. Night Owl Cinema
21. End Credits (Remember)

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