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January 9, 1963

Have you ever dreamed of changing places with a famous person? This universal wish is the idea behind the new game show, IF I COULD TRADE PLACES, produced by WJA-TV, the Junior Achievement television company. Scheduled to premiere Saturday, January 12 at 6 00 PM on WNDU-TV, Channel 16, the program challenges a permanent panel to guess the identity of the famous person with whom the special guest would like to trade places. The guests have been chosen from area high school students. Mike Hannigan, National Junior Achievement President, will be the permanent host of the program. Permanent members of the panel are Roy Hyatte, of Penn High School, Diane Reasor of Adams and Bob Levy of Adams.

In addition to the game, the program will feature a weekly Talent Showcase, spotlighting area high school talent. For the first program, Pam Stone will sing a medley from "West Side Story."

WJA-TV is one of thousands of Junior Achievement companies across America, miniature corporations who develop a product or service, sell stock and engage in sales.
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