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January 9, 1964

THE ENTERPRISE, Mishawaka, p.4

Saturday, January 11, will see the premiere of CAN YOU NAME IT?, the new television program produced by WJA-TV, the Junior Achievement television company.

Working in cooperation with WNDU-TV Channel 16, WJA-TV has produced an unusual new game show in which opposing teams, composed of area high school students, are asked to identify ultra-close up photographs of familiar objects.

The program has been created, produced and directed entirely by the members of WJA-TV with members of the staff of station WNDU-TV employed in an advisory and technical capacity only.

This is the third year in which Junior Achievement has worked with Channel 16, Last year's company which produced a program entitled IF I COULD TRADE PLACES, was named South Bend's Company of the year.

CAN YOU NAME IT? will be presented each Saturday evening at 6:00 PM on WNDU-TV, Channel 16.

Bob Levy of John Adams High School is presidnet of the firm, members of the WNDU-TV staff working with WJA-TV as advisors include Mrs. Ann James, Dale Brown and Bill Siminski.
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